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Translated has unveiled its research center, Imminent. As a strong advocate of multilingualism as a global culture, Translated saw the need for a place where industry stakeholders can, in the words of CEO Marco Trombetti, “discuss, nurture, support, critique and improve this multilingual culture ”.

Trombetti recently highlighted the power and duality of languages ​​in the first issue of the Imminent report, highlighting how languages ​​can either be a huge barrier or an invaluable key to understanding between humans.

In the report, he also highlighted the lifelong dream of a public system allowing people to understand each other “with the quality of the best professional translators in the world and at a price close to free”. He called it “a goal worth spending a lifetime of work on” and said Translated is investing to turn this idea into reality.


In the meantime, Trombetti said, “We hope Imminent can be the place where industry leaders find a good read or discover new tools to inspire new ideas, drive strategies and learn about trends.” imminent ”.

The 2021 edition of the Imminent report features informative articles written by pillars of the language industry covering a range of topics; from AI and machine translation to e-commerce strategies in China and perspectives on the future of language services.

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Linguistic data fact sheet

Imminent has also deployed a tool which, according to Luca De Biase, Research Director of Imminent, has been well received by users for its neat presentation of valuable data points, which can be appreciated at a glance or for further reading.

The Language Data Factbook is an ongoing project that goes around the world and brings together, by country, useful linguistic, demographic, economic, cultural and social data.

The quality of the information provided for each country can help stakeholders assess the size of the addressable market and the many growth opportunities in regions they may not be familiar with. At the time of writing, the Factbooks have been compiled in four countries: Argentina, France, Italy and South Korea.

If you would like to provide data or feel that a country should be given priority, please send an email to

“Making available to the public a system that allows humans to understand each other, that works instantly and for virtually no cost, is a goal worth a lifetime of work” – Marco Trombetti, CEO, Translated

Research grant

Imminent follows two other initiatives by the Rome-based Language Service Provider (LSP), also driven by Translated’s advocacy for multilingualism and the power of languages: the short film Lara and the LSP’s participation in the Ocean Globe Regatta Race.

Through Imminent, Translated aims to spur innovation in two areas: technology and creativity. As Salvatore Giammarresi explained in the same Imminent report, “innovation does not always require technology”.

Giammarresi, localization manager at Airbnb and director of Imminent, pointed out that focusing too much on technology can actually lead to other types of innovation being overlooked. “Non-technological innovations usually don’t require large investments and can be achieved incrementally,” he said, adding that anyone involved in end-to-end localization can innovate.

Recognizing these dual opportunities for innovation – or what the CEO of Translated Trombetti has described as the symbiosis between “the professionalism of humans and the power of machines” – Translated will fund five research grants under Imminent.

“Innovation doesn’t always require technology” – Salvatore Giammarresi, Localization Manager, Airbnb

The grants, with a total value of EUR 100,000, can be awarded in any research area under five broad themes which encompass both qualitative and quantitative aspects of localization.

While under the theme of language economics, for example, researchers can tackle the issues that will strengthen entrepreneurship in a multilingual scenario, under linguistic data, they can tackle data cleansing algorithms, l ‘impartiality and other issues, adding to the knowledge base for machine learning in the process.

Stand-alone projects and parts of existing research may be eligible. Applicants must submit a 250-word summary of the problem to be solved and other documents by the application deadline of September 20, 2021. Click here for more information.

Imminent encourages actors in the language industry to actively participate in enriching the global culture of multilingualism through its platform. Exchange ideas on economics + geopolitics, culture + technology and trends + research or share your views by answering the “Question of the Year”.

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