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Studying Spanish abroad is the dream of many people: the prestige of a degree, the experience of an independent life in an unknown country, valuable contacts, business and friendship. These are just a few reasons to abandon foreign lands for knowledge. The quality of education in leading countries is the best: thanks to comprehensive theoretical training and constant practice, students feel like fish in water in their profession. You can join them tomorrow: you don’t have to be a millionaire or a genius to study abroad. We have selected for you the best countries to learn Spanish, let’s see them!


Sunny Spain attracts applicants from all over the world, and they don’t care about any obstacles. You must pass entrance exams in the official language: Spanish, history or philosophy, essay and additional disciplines. Higher Education is paid in Spain. Teaching in private universities costs twelve thousand dollars a year. State universities cover up to 75% of the costs, so their students spend an average of three thousand dollars. Spanish can be learned through preparatory courses and the number of programs in English continues to grow.

The University of Barcelona, ​​founded in 1450, has been repeatedly recognized as the best in Spain. The faculties of Fine Arts, Library Science, Geography, Psychology and Nursing have approximately 90,000 students. There you can take a preparatory course to study basic spanish words and phrases. The leader in the scientific field is the Polytechnic of Valencia and the Polytechnic of Catalonia. Every university offers perfect language courses, so apply before you apply.


The Spanish language in Latin America is quite different from other versions of it, and in some cases Argentinian Spanish is more difficult for native Spanish speakers. Nevertheless, this language has a nice feature: speaking in any version makes it possible to communicate effectively with any Spanish-speaking person. There are many great language schools in argentina. Many of them teach different languages, not only to foreigners but also to Argentines. Many online schools have branches in multiple cities across the country.

The country is sunny and the food there is perfect. It’s not expensive, so it can be a good choice if you are planning to move.


Study Spanish in Mexico and immerse yourself in a unique culture. The weather is mild and the superb beaches will amaze you. Explore the history of the ancient Mayan civilization and learn the language with a spanish teacher; what better ? Mexico offers students from all over the world the opportunity to learn a language while living in beautiful places, having an unforgettable experience.

Many language schools and universities in Mexico offer a cultural and recreational program that will perfectly complement your Spanish course in Mexico, allowing you to practice the language in real-life situations. You can also experience the best Mexico has to offer. Spanish programs will invite you to dance salsa, visit nearby ruins of the Mayan civilization, and sign up for Mexican cooking classes. The choice is yours!


Peru is one of the best places to learn Spanish. The cost of living and studying in Latin America is several times lower than in Spain. The exact number of hours spent studying a language and living in Peru can cost five times less than in Spain. A week of intensive language learning at schools in Cusco costs approximately $140 per week, including four academic hours of Spanish per day, five days per week. Homestay or apartment accommodation also costs around $140 per week, much cheaper than Spanish prices. There is a lot of ethics groups in Peru that you might find fascinating. Your weekends can also be interesting – take a bus tour in the mountains, try the cuisine of Peru and get to know the natives. They would be happy to talk to a stranger and show you around.


Learning about Spain and having a great time is the dream of many people. Adults working remotely or as students can make a dream come true. You can travel to Spain or Latin America to learn Spanish and work remotely at the same time. Who says you can’t combine being in beautiful places with improving your language skills?

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