Meet Outstanding Community Coaches: Abbie McDonald


Each week, Discover will feature a different young coach as part of its Exceptional Community Coaches series. As part of continued support for local hockey communities, Discover is donating $2,000 to each of the Learn to Play programs this season. This week, a look at Chicago Blackhawks rep Abbie McDonald of the Little Blackhawks at Glen Ellyn Admirals.

Coach’s name: Abbie McDonald

Program name: Little Blackhawks at Glen Ellyn Admirals

About the coach: McDonald is a Certified USA Hockey Level 4 Coach and has been playing hockey since 1998 in both mixed and women’s leagues. McDonald’s has been teaching Learn to Skate classes as well as private lessons for all ages for over 24 years. She has been with the Admirals as a skating coach in the Learn to Play, In-House and 8U programs for over 13 years, in addition to serving as head/assistant coach for various teams throughout that time. .

About the program: McDonald’s has worked with the Little Blackhawks program for the past four seasons to introduce the game to players of all backgrounds and skill levels. She went above and beyond to help us manage programming, provide attendees with their gear, and provide next steps for families. Coach Abbie’s hard work and constant effort to ensure players are constantly developing and having fun has fueled the love of the game in countless players over the years.

Meaning of donation: McDonald said a donation to the program would give him the ability to purchase goalie equipment for 8U and 6U in-house players. She would like to give more players the opportunity to try out goalkeeping at a young age. Not only will this help them develop more goalkeepers, but it will help players develop a better sense of the game in general by learning all the positions.

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