Five new cases of COVID-19 detected, one community infection


Health authorities announced today (Saturday) that five new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Friday, only one of which was found in the community, as part of the mass nucleic acid screening program.

The other four were detected in code red areas and medical observation hotels.

This brings the total count since the start of the current outbreak to 1,805.

The 13th two-day citywide nucleic acid test ends today (Saturday) and is the last round of testing as Macau entered the consolidation period today.

Another mass nucleic acid test will take place on July 30 and 31, while seven key groups of workers are to perform daily nucleic acid testing from today, including cleaning services, drivers public transport (bus and taxi) and security guards, property management, isolated household help, food delivery and catering.

Starting yesterday, all Filipino nationals in the city will also be required to take a daily nucleic acid test until further notice.

The consolidation period lasts until July 30, with some essential and non-essential commercial establishments, utilities and some businesses allowed to resume limited operations.

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