Elections to the Bar of the Federal Capital, in full attack of Cristina Kirchner


Amid the tension that has arisen between Vice President Cristina Kirchnerthe Judicial Council and its draft enlarge The Supreme Court, Jorge Rizzo, the strongman of the Federal Capital Public Bar Association, and the jurist and former federal chamberlain Ricardo Gil Lavedra, benefiting from very broad support from the opposition, they are vying for the presidency of the entity. And, to spice it up again, last Friday the federal judge Marie Servini removed some polling stations that Rizzo had placed in seven suburban districts.

National politics is latent in professional elections. Rizzo, head of Gente de Derecho, has held the reins of the College since 2006, has been its president four times and defines himself as a suitcase lawyer. He rejects any link with the government and although in his group there are several Kirchnerists and Albertists, Rizzo denies any partisan identification.

“During my efforts, we prevented Cristina Kirchner and the National Congress from transferring funds from the Ministry of Justice to Banco Ciudad; we opposed the law for the democratization of justice and the Court delivered the Rizzo decision. I defended the permanence of carlos fayt in the court. On my list there are ex-militants of the ARI, of the left, of radicalism and there is the constitutionalist Andres Gil Dominguez. And I have very good relations with the judges on the Bordó and Compromiso lists, the least pro-government,” Rizzo introduces himself. On his radio show on Saturday, he added: “The list headed by Gil Lavedra has been put together and the bank Daniel Angeli and Sebastián Destéfano worked to unite it”.

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Gil Ladra, for its part, leads the Defense Unit list of the legal profession, which is very strong. His name is linked to democracy, because he was one of the good ones who He condemned the councils. He also served as Minister of Justice, led the Bloc of UCR Deputies and is one of the lawyers most closely linked to the Supreme Court.

It relies on thirteen groups: Lawyers of the Charter, led by Patricia Trot, of Peronist origin and vice-president of the Association of Labor Lawyers who is seeking the vice-presidency of the College; City Lawyers, It Will Be Justice, Essential Lawyers, Lawyers in Action, Meeting of Independent Lawyers, Lawyers for Argentina, Confluence of Lawyers, Permanent Lawyers, Just Cause, Pluralistic Change, Presence and Action and Constitutional Bloc. All together to defeat Rizzo.

Gil Lavedra assures that his list It’s not Angelici’s. “It was Rizzo who in previous elections was linked to Angelici. I don’t want to get into this discussion. And he points out that the Unity list he leads “also does not represent Together for Change, but rather is very pluralistic”. In fact, Trotta, who accompanies him, is a Peronist. The pluralist change is essentially radical and the Será Justicia group, another of the thirteen that accompany it, is more linked to the conservative and independent sectors. “Despite the difficulties, we have managed to form a very heterogeneous coalition, because we want to rethink the school and have a leadership attitude in the judicial changes. He specifies: “There are Peronists on my list, but there are none not a Kirchnerist”.

The Court, the Council and the jurisdictions on the program

At one point, Rizzo and Gil Lavedra approached. The two mistrust adjustments to the composition of the Court. In history, there have been many bills and laws in this direction, but now Christian senators are promoting it.

“I am not opposed to expanding the composition of the Court, for example from five to seven members. But the important thing is that they are independent judges. Otherwise, it is better to leave it as it is,” says Rizzo. For his part, Gil Lavedra assures that the court expansion bill “is a fireworks, because there are not the votes to approve it, even less to appoint the new judges. The appointments of the judges of the Court must only come from a broad political agreement”, he explains. And he adds: “To argue for control of the Judicial Council when there are 250 unfilled vacancies for judicial posts is impudent.

Patricia Trotta accompanies Ricardo Gil Lavedra during the elections to the Public Bar of the Federal Capital.
Patricia Trotta accompanies Ricardo Gil Lavedra during the elections to the Public Bar of the Federal Capital.

Trotta, who accompanies Gil Lavedra, points to another target. A very active litigator on the industrial tribunal, she prefers do not criticize to judges. “The group’s lawyers know labor law like no one else. Judges and lawyers are all victims, because jurisdiction is overwhelmed court cases and has few resources. Labor law is in a state of emergency. It used to take three years to solve a case and now it takes seven. It’s a thermometer of what happens to people. I can’t function like this anymore. In addition, the rates applied by the courts are lower than inflation. I am not interested in being at the College for a matter of money or to appear, but rather I want to help improve the functioning of the courts. And we also want the College to regain influence within the Judicial Council to improve the selection of magistrates”.

Servini has canceled the tables in Buenos Aires

These elections have a particularity. They are the first to be carried out when court files have become digital, that is to say that lawyers no longer travel daily to the Court. Thus, whereas before many of them went to vote because they were passing through, now they must do so expressly.

For this reason, Rizzo has divided the elections into three days: they begin on Tuesday and end on Thursday. His argument is for extreme health care. Moreover, he tried unfold the padrón: he ordered that not only ballot boxes be installed at the Teatro General San Martín, but also requested that the lawyers who live in the province of Buenos Aires, 28% of the 80,000 eligible, be able to vote near their homes, in the premises of the Bakers’ Guild in Lomas, Morón, San Isidro, San Martín, Lanús, Quilmes and La Matanza. Rizzo says it is positive “to bring the polling stations closer to the most distant places”.

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But Gil Lavedra filed an amparo appeal before federal judge María Servini, arguing that “these practices facilitate the fraud, because it would be impossible to control the polls at the union’s headquarters for three days. And Judge Servini agreed with her: the magistrate decided that the elections would take place over three days -Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28-, but Dump the tables that were going to be set up in seven neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, because “the running of the register in an environment outside the City presupposes a probable problem of control, organization, supervision and even logistics, a situation that cannot be ignored”.

“The intention was for lawyers in Buenos Aires to be able to vote in the province so that as many people as possible could participate. With the protection presented by the other list, it was possible to exclude a sector from the registered and hide the election. Ordinary lawyers find it difficult to come to the City to vote. I’m sorry for all this device runfla we already know. In the provinces, Gente de Derecho won 9 to 1. In this new film, we are going to see how the electronic media play”, launched Rizzo.

What is at stake in these elections for the period 2022-2024 is the college presidency, the positions of 30 councillors, the Assembly of Delegates and the Disciplinary Court. And although the register of qualified people is about eighty thousand registered, about twenty thousand are mobilized.

Rizzo and Gil Lavedra say their proposals focus only on professional issues. But with justice at the center of the storm, the College and its presidency assume a relevant role.

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