APX Capital Group enters co-financing deal for Latin American TV and Film – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: TV and film investment fund APX Capital is expanding into Latin America with a co-financing deal with Cenya Productions, the financier-founded investment group behind films such as The ghost.

APX, which takes advantage of Italy’s tax credit scheme, was started by Yona Wiesenthal, former CEO of the Israel Broadcasting Authority and content manager for Israel’s DBS YES platform, and New York real estate entrepreneur Noam Baram. .

He will work with venture capitalist Paula Linhares, founder and CEO of Cenya Productions to lead the new Latin American financing division which will invest $20 million per year for the next five years. It will focus on film co-productions in Italy, Morocco and South America, with a focus on Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Linhares, along with his partner at Reagant Media Marcos Tellechea, have helped finance films such as Paxton Winters PacifiedFernando Grostein Andrade abeJordan Ross’ Thumper and American Made with Tom Cruise.

It’s the latest deal for APX Capital Group, which recently merged with Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Group with plans to launch its own King Richard-biopic style.

“Latin American cinema has come a long way in the last 15 years, having a significant presence among the main festivals of the world, including the Oscars, the Cannes Film Festival and many others,” said Noam Baram, Head of North America Operations and Co. -CEO of APX Capital Group. “Specifically, Brazilian cinema has rapidly grown as a major market for unique storytelling, which reflects the nation’s core issues, including acute poverty, crime, redemption, and environmental issues. APX is thrilled to bring these stories to a global audience.

“Cenya strives to tell stories that raise awareness of important issues and have a strong belief in the Latin American market and all the amazing stories that need to be told,” added Paula Linhares, CEO of Cenya Productions. “The collaboration between Cenya Productions, in association with Reagent media, and APX Capital Group will expand our reach to better tell these relevant stories.”

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