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All strains of coronavirus except South Africa circulating in the Argentine community

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – 09:22 UTC

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501Y.V1 (UK) variant set to prevail over all other covid-19 versions in Argentina

Argentina’s Science Ministry confirmed on Monday that community circulation of the Manaus strain in the country has been established. The new variant is said to be more contagious, and others are also daring to suggest that it is even more deadly. Of the various Sars-CoV-2 strains known to science, only the South African strain remains to be identified in the country.

If current projections remain unchanged, the UK variant – also known as 501Y.V1 – could become dominant in the coming weeks, as in Europe and the United States, health officials added.

The Department of Science, Technology and Innovation has confirmed that cases of variants from the UK, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro and California have been detected in the country with no epidemiological link or close contact with travelers. .

The authorities insisted on the importance of preventive measures (physical distancing, ventilation of environments, frequent hand washing, wearing of masks, etc.)

?? In the case of the UK variant, an increase in the frequency of detection is observed from week to week from the start of its detection, ?? the Science Ministry said in a statement. There are four variants of epidemiological importance detected in Argentina which correspond to cases of infections acquired in the community or of unknown origin: variant 501Y.V1 (United Kingdom), variant 501Y.V3 (Manaus), variant P. 2 (Rio de Janeiro) and the CAL.20C variant (line B.1.427, California).

The ministry’s PAIS project consortium released its data based on 297 samples from people infected with SARS-CoV-2 residing in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires, with no history of overseas travel. , and 16 samples from Córdoba, which were indeed linked to the return of Argentinian tourists to their homes or to close contacts between members of the community.

All samples were collected between February 1 and March 15, 2021. Some of the detected cases of variants 501Y.V1 (UK), 501Y.V3 (Manaus) and CAL.20C (California) correspond to individuals with no history. travel or close contact with travelers, which explains community traffic.

The 501Y.V1 variant (United Kingdom) was detected in 16 cases (13 from the federal capital and three from the west of the Greater Buenos Aires region). Three of these cases correspond to close contacts of the reported cases, while the other ten correspond to cases of acquisition in the community. “An increase in the frequency of detection of the 501Y.V1 variant (UK) has been observed in AMBA (Buenos Aires metropolitan area) in recent epidemiological weeks,” the ministry said.

In the province of Cordoba, six cases of the 501Y.V1 variant (UK) have been detected, four of which have a history of travel and two are close contacts of them.

There were also 35 cases of the Rio de Janeiro variant (P.2) which were confirmed by whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis. Of these, only one had a travel history, and the rest correspond to community traffic cases.

Regarding the California version of the coronavirus, two of these cases, the CAL.20C variant (line B.1.427, California) were identified from whole genome sequencing, including one from the city of Buenos Aires. In 36 other cases, S_L452R / Q mutations were detected, which are still being analyzed.

The active surveillance of these variants was carried out by the Argentinian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortium, through the sequencing nodes of the Virology Laboratory of the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital (CABA), of the UGB-INTA Laboratory (Castelar) and the Central Laboratory of the city of Cordoba.

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