VOD Giants Make Foreign Language Entertainment More Popular Than Ever


From Peaky Blinders to Layer Cake; House of Cards at Training Day, British and American entertainment is admired around the world. But this love is not exactly mutual for the media of other nations – well, at least not until recently anyway.

The last few years have given us a wave of quality international content, which is why foreign television and cinema being shown on Western screens is becoming more and more common.

Of course, credit is due: flawless actors, crews and productions rightly deserve their recognition. However, they weren’t quite sufficient for a foreign audience in the past, so what has changed?

The persistence of the on-demand streaming giants has undoubtedly played a big role, as has the ability to watch on the go. Discovering new foreign favorites abroad or also at home is much more accessible, and so is turning entertainment abroad into a language learning opportunity.

So which site should you subscribe to for your fix? Read on to see which popular streaming services are best for international content, and which shows and movies you just shouldn’t pass up.


Netflix is ​​one of the best VOD services. It’s not only great for its huge library of Hollywood hits, it also has a must-have selection of international content. Just look at the recent flurry around Squid Game, the latest winner to come out of South Korea.

France has given us Lupine, a highly regarded mysterious thriller entering its third season; The award-winning German show, Dark, is always a talking point for its overseas viewers, and Money Heist has really put Spain on the entertainment map.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a wide selection of foreign language content. In fact, there are hundreds of movies and TV shows on offer.

It doesn’t come close to Netflix in terms of originals in this category, but English-speaking viewers have access to entertainment from India, Spain, Japan, and various other countries. It’s worth pointing out, however, that much of what it hosts can only be accessed by renting and isn’t viewable directly through a subscription, like Bong Joon-Ho’s. Oscar-winning parasite.

Some of the best Amazon options in the world include Train To Busan (South Korea), Astrid (France), and Kesari (Hindi). One movie that you should definitely take the time to watch is Snowpiercer. This is another creation of Bong Joon-Ho’s wonderful mind, but this one uses English, South Korean, and Czech dialogue.


The anime has enjoyed a global audience for years and hasn’t quite struggled with the same rebound from overseas audiences. But its availability via streaming platforms like Crunchyroll means his fan base is strong and growing more than ever.

Crunchyroll users take pride in the fact that their subscriptions go directly to supporting the anime industry as well as the creators. It hosts over 1,200 shows, with all of the most popular available, and has produced over 60 itself.

Naruto, Ghost in the Shell, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Samurai Champloo, and so many more fan favorites are ready to watch. Having over 1,200 shows listed means that there is also a lot that you can experience on your own.


Although recently established, Lingopie has already had a huge impact on the streaming scene. In other words, no other VOD platform mixes frenzy watching and language learning like Lingopie does. The content catalog is not as large as that of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but you can still enjoy the best international entertainment. And all this while improving your foreign language skills.

From comedy to telenovelas, users can choose from thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. Nicolas and Psychosomatic are two of the latest must-see titles to come out of Argentina, and Your Last Day On Earth, a captivating Spanish short, isn’t just a great watch, it’s also one of the best ways to learn spanish, especially for beginners.

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