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The Mapuche community will close their ancestral lands and claim the right to decide who will go through the exclusive club of the region

Thursday, September 9, 2021 – 09:00 UTC

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The non-Mapuche Argentine authorities “have constantly played with the patience of the community,” they said.

Members of a Mapuche community announced on Wednesday that they would control who crosses a piece of land they claim to be theirs.

The Kaxipayiñ Mapuche community has claimed the right to control those who wish to enter the Mari Menuco club located on the shores of Lake Mari Menu.

From Monday, September 13, no one will enter Club property without first identifying themselves and requesting the corresponding authorization from the authorities of the Mapuche community.

The statement, issued through the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén, said the club had “built a gate to enter the land of the Mapuche community, crossing 800 meters of community property.

?? This is the way to protect a territory under constant attack and where our rights are violated by the private interests of those who make up this exclusive Club, ?? said the Mapuche.

The Kaxipayiñ family considered that there had been “a violation of rights” which had been denounced but to no avail. “It has been 15 years that we demand that the territorial survey that the law 26 160 obliges the province to apply be completed. But they constantly played with the patience of the community, ?? the statement said.

The Mari Menuco club is a development that dates back to the time when the lake was integrated into the Chocón-Cerros Colorados complex, and in which many citizens of Neuquén have residences, to which they will now only have access if the Mapuche allow.

Photographs have gone viral of a Mapuche protest against pollution where the entrance to Villa Mari Menuco was blocked for a few hours.

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