Banco Santander SA: presents ‘Santander X 100’, a global community of winning startups and scale-ups


Banco Santander has a new global community to help the most innovative and promising projects grow and create jobs.

The initiative will help top Santander X startups and scale-ups get the advice, training, capital, customer base, talent, networking, and other valuable resources they need to grow.

Madrid, November 23, 2021.
Banco Santander, through its Santander X initiative, unveiled “Santander X 100”. It is a global community of entrepreneurial projects winning their challenges and rewards that promote innovation as a driver of productivity, economic growth and employment.

Santander X 100 is part of the bank’s Santander X entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s a new way for the most advanced startups and scale-ups in different countries to network and get advice, training, capital, customers, talents and other valuable resources including they need to continue to develop.

It will first be deployed to companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. This is yet another Santander X initiative through which the bank lends a hand to entrepreneurs at stages as different as “Explore” (a program to turn ideas into projects and solutions), “Prepare to Launch – Babson” (for supporting startups looking to enter the market) and the global challenges and rewards that reward the most innovative startups and scale-ups.

The first start-ups in the community are Ebers and Woza Labs (Argentina); Sumá, Taqé and Wconnect (Brazil); Lexgo (Chile); MotionMiners (Germany); Cuéntame, Finloop, Social Piper, Tandem and Xilinat (Mexico); Currency Alliance, FILMPEDIA, Fundeen, HumanITcare and Triditive (Spain); and HF Capital and Stoke (United States). Its scale-ups are VU Security (Argentina); Alyne and Breeze Technologies (Germany); BEDU, Canard Drones, Connecting Visions, Rated Power, Scoobic Urban Mobility and Zapiens Technologies (Spain); CoGo, MyDocSafe and Plastecowood (UK); and Whyline (United States).

According to Nuria Pastor, co-founder of Santander Tomorrow Challenge winner HumanltCare, “as with Santander X in the past, our experience with Santander X 100 is extremely positive. The main benefit of the community is the creation of a network, ecosystem and lobby alongside other member companies with similar skills, challenges and expectations.. ”

Natalia Skwarek of Currency Alliance says “being part of the Santander X 100 community allows us to reach a greater number of potential customers thanks to the visibility it gives us on a global scale. In addition, we hope to be able to work with Banco Santander and its partners. “

Leonardo Barrientos, CEO of another Santander X Tomorrow Challenge winner, Lexgo, says “we hope that Santander X 100 will give us the chance to meet entrepreneurs with similar ambitions to see if we can drive growth by working together. We benefit a lot from communities of entrepreneurs who work side by side to achieve their goals. “

In the coming years, Santander X 100 aims to accept projects from 11 countries. To be eligible, companies must have strong finances, a strong business model, an innovative value proposition, a well-organized team, a sustainable and scalable product roadmap, and a business analysis. direct and indirect competitors.

For Javier Roglá, world director of the Universities of Santander, “this community offers its members a fantastic opportunity to share experiences, expand their network, grow their business and help themselves and other businesses thrive. We hope this will add value to their innovative proposals and create a positive and global impact “.

As part of its support program for entrepreneurs, the bank launched Santander X Global Challenge | Finances for all, a global initiative for startups and scale-ups with innovative and scalable solutions that will open banking products and services to everyone. His best projects will continue to be part of Santander X 100.

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